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Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedics is a very vast subject with more than a dozen sub-specialities branching out of the mother stream. Literary orthopaedics means “to straighten a child”. Name drives it origin from early does of Orthopaedic Surgery, since when this branch started finding its identity out of general surgery, majority of the work being done was done focused on preventing and correcting deformities in children. Today, the orthopaedic surgeons use surgical and non surgical means to treat musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumours and congenital disorders.
Sub-specialization is a new trend that has recently set in Orthopaedics practice. Since it is impossible for one person to master all the procedures and give best possible results to his patients, the subject has been divided into multiple disciplines. Few of the commonly practiced sub-specialities in Orthopaedics clinical practice are:
  • Total joint reconstruction (Arthroplasty)
  • Shoulder and elbow surgery
  • Pediatric orthopedics
  • Foot and ankle surgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Spine surgery
  • Musculoskeletal oncology
  • Surgical sports medicine

Dr. Pandher is trained trauma surgeon with Masters Degree in Orthopaedics from Guru Nanak Dev Medical College & Hospital, Amritsar.
His field of special interest is Navigation Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery and Sports Medicine including Arthroscopic surgery.
Dr. Pandher attained a certified fellowship in Navigation Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery from Konkuk University School of Medicine, Seoul. He specializes in Navigation Assisted Joint replacement Surgery. Dr. Pandher routinely performs Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Unicondylar Knee Replacement and Shoulder Replacement surgery. He has the credit of performing first Shoulder Resurfacing surgery in North India.

Sports medicine deals with management of injured athlete which starts from taking care of the athlete in field at the site of injury to surgical
management of the injured athlete and finally rehabilitation of the athlete to put him back to sports.

Dr. Pandher specializes in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery. He is one of the few surgeons in region who performs arthroscopic surgeries on Shoulder & Elbow joints. Dr. Pandher routinely performs arthroscopic surgery for recurrent dislocation of the shoulder joint, SLAP tears, Rotator cuff tears, Sub-acromial impingement, ACL reconstruction, PCL reconstruction, Posteriolateral corner reconstruction.

In spite of performing large number of reconstructive surgeries that include Joint Replacement and Arthroscopic Reconstructions, Dr. Pandher believes that conservative surgeries are right of his patients and if anything can be done to preserve the joints it should be informed to patient. Few of the commonly carried out joint preservation surgeries include High Tibial Osteotomy, Osteochondral Grafting, Cultured Chondrocyte Transplant etc.